The President of Oschatz, Mr.Dr.Ing. H-J Schrag, asked Hans Mes to design this more than 10 meter high steel sculpture for the new production plant of Oschatz Enerji A.S. He wanted the sculptor to show how the German and Turkish culture cooperate to reach the outstanding high-tech solutions and products that are made here which shape the Oschatz profile on the world market. About this theme Hans Mes first consulted the Oschatz employees at his visit to their old production plant, just to make clear what their view on this theme could be. They brought him a lot of insights and impressions related to their cooperation, personal experience, backgrounds, growth and the company’s success. That brought him to the conclusion that the employees look at their company’s culture as a kind of a jam session in music, unifying and inspiring. From this close harmony performance communication developed itself to a learning curve, not just in a personal one, but also for Oschatz as a business. Cooperation leads to new views, innovative solutions and developments. Hans Mes created a design which combines various elements in one concept. The sculpture shows a violin and a baglama, a European and a Turkish musical instrument. Both instruments symbolize the teamwork between two cultures, the Turkish and the German culture. Together they create the sound harmony at work. In their composition both instruments embody the connection, the joint between Asia and Europe. Their resonance boxes are built of the typical Oschatz tube surface to express that the workplace at Oschatz Turkey is the place to be where teamwork brings excellent performance. The musical instruments from both cultures are supported by two twinge keys holding a nut. They form the bearing elements for the violin and the baglama. As a visual expression of preciseness and a collective hands on they embody the technical team spirit shared by both Turkey and Germany, where data, solutions, achievements and logistics get together precisely. These connected tools symbolize the necessary teamwork in every project of Oschatz. At their base the tools and musical instruments are connected to the Oschatz logo. Which means that Oschatz as a company initiates both personal and business quality. On top the twinge keys and musical instruments are joined by star and moon. The star at the highest twinge key is the symbol of excellence. Combined with the moon both music play and performance are unified to form the Turkish national flag as a proud sign of honor of this Turkish production plant: The connection of culture and technique.