6 X 7 X 5 METER

The theme of this artwork for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, “We will make the difference”, was evaluated with various employees to gather their views. It lead me to an interactive cloud of thought, showing inspiring innovation and six decades of success. The sculpture shows a 3 dimensional sketched cloud holding three icons, all made from steel. The cloud symbolizes both the development of ideas by Philips to anticipate on market trends and the consumers wish to enrich their lifestyle. The spatial lines of this cloud have random welded elements of different shapes to suggest drawn lines. The cloud roughly points into three directions that each carry an icon: An eye looking into the future of research and development, the three shaver heads as being made now and a portrait of Dr. Alexandre Horowitz, inventor of the rotating shaving principle. All three icons have inbuilt led lights in an affiliated color setting to each other. Their colors slowly change coherently. The most dominant icon display is the iris of an eye. The shaver heads shows activity by rotating their color through the three razor heads. The portrait of Horowitz has colored outlines to emphasize stylish class and keep the recognition of the face intact during the nightly hours. The eye, the portrait and the shaver heads have double sided displays to obtain overall visibility. All icons are positioned in a way that will lend a fascinating view from all directions, especially to the through traffic.