Sporting Centre Groningen, Holland

Freestone, 1.50 m.


Twenthe Natl. Museum, Enschede, Holland.

Three bronzes on freestone, 1.33 m.

1980FISHTown Hall, Community of Bedum, Holland Bronze, length 1,33 m.



Prison Groningen, Holland.

Bronze on black granite, 1.20 m.


Venema Car Parts, Groningen, Holland.

Bronze relief, 60×80 cm.


Cultural Centre, Groningen Holland.

Bronze, 2.50 m.



Park Oude Held, Groningen, Holland.

Bronze, height 1.85 m.



Social Work Dept., Groningen, Holland.

3 Honeycombs with 58 bees, bronze.



Bataviastraat, Groningen, Holland.

Bronze, 1.85 m.


Bij de Sluis, Groningen, Holland.

Bronze, 2.40 m.



Annual Bike Fair Trophy.

Bronze, 25 cm.


Gift to Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.

Bronze, 35 cm.


Fortress of Bourtange, Holland.

Bronze, 2.20 m.


Oude Pekela, Holland.

Bronze, length 4m. x 1.85m.


Gift Construction Co., Stadskanaal, Holland.

Bronze, 20 cm., 110 pcs.


Cemetery  Winschoten, Holland.

Oak and Finnish granite, 1.60 m.



Nat’l. Journalists Assoc.  Annual Press Award.

2 Bronzes on freestone, 20 cm.


Town Hall, Oude Pekela, Holland.

Bronze, 2.35 m.


Pekelder Hoofddiep, Oude Pekela, Holland.

Bronze, 1.80x2x1 m.


Noorderstreet, Sappemeer, Holland.

Bronze, copper, 3.50 x2x1 m.



Annual Award Altea Hotels.

Bronze, 45 cm.


Pekelahof, Oude Pekela, Holland.

7 Bronzes from 1.20 m up to 3.50 m.



Town Hall Delfzijl, Holland. 

15 Bronzes, 8 granite sculpt. 6x25x8 m.


Annual Press Award.

Bronze, 40 cm.



House rental Co., Groningen, Holland.

2 Copper forms, length 2 m.

FLORINABN/AMRO District Bank, Assen, Holland.2 Copper forms, length 2.10 m.


Philips DAP plant at Drachten, Holland.

Bronze, stainl. steel, granite, 3.20 m.
1990CLAYPRESSOostwold, gem.Scheemda, Holland.2x Basalt, bronze, 2.60 m. and 2.20 m.
PEATFORMWeiteveen, Schoonebeek, Holland.Basalt and bronze, length 4.60 m.
PROFILE-FORMWeiteveen, Schoonebeek, Holland.Basalt and bronze, height 2.60 m.
DRAGGED LINESHighway Construction Centre, Groningen, Holland.3 x Copper 1.60×1.20×0.90 m.
FLAGSDesign for Federal Highway Dept., Germany.Noise reducing sculpture chain.
1991HOSPITALITYAltea Hotel Group, Holland.Bronze series, height 44 cm.
LABRYSCollection ‘t Hooft, Groningen, Holland.Glass, bronze, stone. 74x90x150 cm.
SWANColl. Klinkenberg, Emmendingen, Germany.Copper, length 150 cm.
CATENACollection Langeland, Mol, Belgium.White granite, bronze. Heigth 3,60 m.
CLOUDS AND CANALSOmmelanderwijk, Veendam, Holland.White granite, copper, 4.5×2.5×2 m.
1992STONE OF WISDOMCollection Ober, Emmendingen, Germany.Granite, copper,concrete, 4.60 m.
LOST TOWERSWeiwerd cemetery and Heveskes, Delfzijl, Holland.Copper. Height 2,30 and 2.40 m.
FEDERAPark The Braak, Eelde, Holland.Stone, bronze, 3.80 & 5.60 m high.
FLYING STARTKLM Flight Academy, Eelde Airport, Holland.Copper, length 5.60 m.
CAPRICOLONNACollection Langeland, Mol, Belgium.Basalt, bronze, steel. Height 2,50 m.
BLACK SEEDCollection Langeland, Mol, Belgium.Freestone and bronze, length 85 cm.
DOUBLE ACTIONCollection Houben, Drachten, Holland.White granite and brass.Heigth 2.15 m.
INCLOSURECollection Jaeggi, Groningen, Holland.2 Granite and freestone torsi, 96 cm.
SQUAREFreemasons Lodge, Groningen, Holland.Brass on granite 8 x 8 meter.
1993TERRA INCOGNITATasman-monument, Lutjegast, Holland.Bronze, coastshaped pool 8.5 x 5.8 m.
CRANECollection De Ruiter, Groningen, Holland.Brass, height 1m
1994HOROWITZ100 miniatures for Philips GM’s worldwide.Bronze, stainl.steel,granite, 38 cm high.
1995MASTERMARKSCreative ideas Philips Customer Day 1995.Plant Drachten, 1800 employees.
POLE VAULTERPhilips plant, Drachten, Holland.Steel,15 m.x10 m., 1176 cutout marks.
TWO-MASTERPrimary school, Groningen, Holland.Steel, 2.60 and 2.40 m. high.
1996JOHANNES VAN VLOTENHumanists memorial, Deventer. Holland.Bronze, 3.90 m., width 2 m.
PORTRAIT PROF. BOERINGDental Instit. Groningen University, Holland.Steel, 50 x 40 cm.
TRIPLE TARGETDental Instit. Groningen University, Holland.Bronze, various stones, 70 cm.
CRAWLSwimming pool, Tiel, Holland.Bronzes, white granite, 5 m. and 4 m.
1997EXCEL25 objects, Philips DAP, Hong Kong, China.Bronze, copper and brass, 25 cm.
POLE-VAULTER TROPHY100 Gifts for Philips DAP Suppliers, worldwide.Copper, height 37 cm.
PORTRAIT KEUNING-HALLMed. Institute Groningen University, Holland.Steel, 60×70 cm.
BUCKWHEAT & SPADESNijeveen, Meppel, Holland.Steel and copper. Height 7.50 m.
1998GODWITZoeterwoude, Holland.Bronze on French chalk, 1.80 m.
GRASS-SPARROWSRijnwoude, Holland.Bronze on steel, height 5 m.
BLACK STERNSRijnwoude, Holland.Bronze on copper, height 2 mtr.
MEMORIAL STONESculptural memory, Vianen, Holland.Granite, steel, ingots, 2.40 m. long.
2 MEMORIAL SCULPTURESGraveyard and home Oranjewoud, Holland.Stone, copper, steel 1,35 m.
THE LEAPPhilips DAP, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, China.Copper, stainless steel 6,12m. high.
TALENTNew Academy, Groningen, Holland.100 medals in bronze.
FREIASculpture & 20 miniatures Freia Com., Gron., Holland.Copper 3,60 m.high + 50 cm. bronzes.
SOLIDARITYRandag collection Groningen, Holland.Steel, red & white granite, 2 m. high.
1999PETRUS CAMPERVIP-room Groningen University, Holland.Steel, 1,5 m.
SUPPORT16 sculptures, Philips, Drachten, Holland.Steel and stone, 50 cm.
SOUNDSTONESQ.I.T.-trophy, Philips Hong Kong, China.Bronze on green marble, 54 cm.
GRACE10 small memorial family sculptures.Bronze on freestone, 16 cm.
FIGURESABN/Amro Distr. Bank, Groningen, Holland.Steel, height 2 m.
2000JAN GERKO WIEBENGAHanzehogeschool, Groningen, Holland.Steel portrait, 3 m. high.
MONTGOLFIEREBiannual Trophy J. Modderman Foundation.Bronze, 45 cm.
PEAT-SHIPPINGCingelkolk, Zwartsluis, Holland.Steel, granite and fountains, 5 m.
Femmie Juffer collection, Utrecht, Holland.3 Bronzes on freestone, 60 cm.
THE OTHER PERSONPortrait Exec.Vice President Philips DAP.White granite, stainless steel, 70 cm.
PEAT-SHIPPING62 miniatures from Zwartsluis’ commission.Copper, steel, marble, 50 cm.
FIGURED FASHIONBertram Fashion, Assen, Holland.Steel, height 1,20 mtr.
2001GAMMAHanzehogeschool Groningen, Holland.Steel, 4,5 mtr. high.
CARDANRBO Education Brokers, Groningen Holland.7 x 50 cm. high steel and red granite.
FACE TO FACELuuk Swiers collection, Zundert, HollandSteel and granite, 1,75 mtr.
2002ENTRANCE GATESBorgercompagnie, Holland.Steel and stone, 3, 3 m. high.
STORY FROM AFARBorgercompagnie, Holland.Steel and copper, 3.5 m. high.
FARMERS, CITIZENS, FOREIGNERSBorgercompagnie, Holland.Steel and copper, 4,75 m. high.
HUGGING MONSTERSCromstrijen, Holland.Bronze on steel base, 1.6 m.
2003OUTLAWED I, II & IIIKornalijn-park, Groningen, Holland3 x Coated steel and bronze, 6 mtr.
CROSSING BORDERSSiebengewald, Gem. Bergen(L), HollandStone, steel, bronze, 3,50m. high
MEMORIALSTwo private memorial artworks, no specificationsStone, copper, steel.
EXELPhilips Singapore6 Sculptures, bronze, copper, brass.
2004MILKBOATMANBelt-Schutsloot, HollandCoated steel, length 3,5, high 2,75 mtr.
TRACKS TEACH TIMESDinxperlo, HollandCoated steel and granite, high 4,5 mtr.
PORTRAIT PROF. FABERInstitute of Physics and Maths, Groningen UniversityCoated steel, high 90 cm.
2005SOUTHERN SEASIGHTCity of Harderwijk, HollandMarble, bronze, steel, 3,5x5x7 mtr.
MOVING ART ORANGEChinese-Dutch Art project for Nanjing businessesInitiator and Project leadership
A HEART CREATES350 Christmas gifts for Salvation Army employeesSteel cut 3-D poem 21×30 cm.
2006HOROWITZ2 Quality Awards Philips DAPBronze, granite, steel, 40 cm.
REEDS AND SEEDSDSM Jinling, Nanjing, China.Resin on staal base, 4.30 mtr. high.
SUCCESSDSM Jinling, Nanjing, ChinaResin on steel base, 1.80 mtr. high.
2007FREEDOM IS IN THE MINDPrince Claus Conservatory, Groningen, HollandSteel portrait, calligraphy, 4x2x0,4 mtr.
1 TEAM 1 GOALDNCC Chemical Company, Nanjing, China5 meter high, recycled steel structure.
2008THORPop Culture Academy, Leeuwarden, HollandSteel, LED flash and WiFi portal.
SKILLS SCROLL TIMEOschatz Energy & Environment Nanjing , ChinaCoated steel with stone basis, 9 x 8 mtr.
2009IN DER WELT ZU HAUSEPortrait Dr. H.J. Schrag, Oschatz, Essen, Germany1 x 1,40 coated steel on background.
FREIA28 miniatures for Freia Com., Gron., Holland.Bronzes on stone base, 50 cm.
2010CONNECTIONOschatz Enerji A.S., Izmit, TurkeySteel on granite base, 11 meters high
2011CONNECTIONMiniatures for Oschatz Enerji A.S., Izmit, Turkey435 small 70 mm. 3D prints, handpainted
DIRTY BIRDDrug Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaPerformance about pollution
A ROUNDABOUT USPhilips Consumer Lifestyle, Drachten, HollandSteel cloud with LED illuminated elements
2012CITY SPADESStadskanaal, HollandSteel, 8 meter high
THE WORKERS THRONESStadskanaal, HollandSteel, 3 sculptures, each 3,5 meter high.
Huang Yao Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaMuseum Installation with raw fish, 6 meter high. Curator Creative Diagnosis
SOUL CARShang Shan Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaFoam on wheels, length 6 meter
GRONINGEN SCULPTORS IIGroup Exhibition, Hortus Botanicus, Haren, Holland3 Sculptures
2014CLEANING THE SOULSpecial guest, group exhibition Yuan Art Museum, BeijingMuseum Installation, Mixed media, 3,5 x 6 meter
2015FISH BONESCollector’s garden, Schopfheim, Germany105x176x33cm.Red copper, white granite
2016STEELBEARDMANA7 Highway Landmark, Exit Drachten city, Holland15 m. high, mixed media, electronic display 
2017MAGIC BRUSHESOpen Air Museum, Bengbu, Anhui, China7 Floating brushes, mixed media, 4-6 meter
2018QUESTION MARKLiving Life at BlueSky, Nanjing, ChinaPerformance
RAISE RICEJiu Long village, Fujian Province, China7 x Calligraphy on banners, 3×1,8 meter
WHAT’S LEFT BEHINDJiu Long village, Fujian Province, China Cow’s skeleton, mixed media, 5x8x4,5 m.
LOVE LOCKSJiu Long village, Fujian Province, China Wood, painted, 6x4x0,6 m. 
THE POWER OF JIU LONGJiu Long village, Fujian Province, China Special mixture, rock, 5x2x3,5 m. 
2019HAVE FISH EVERY YEARYuQing village, Nanping County, Fujian, ChinaSteel fountain in a river, 4x3x1 m.
2020THE EXPEDITION OF MEANINGNoorderlink, Groningen, Holland Steel, stainless steel, granite. 207 cm.
2021RECOILOn tour along Dutch museumsMixed media, 58x58x80 cm.
2022THE PNUMENoordlaren, Holland Galvanized duplex coated steel, 2,45 m.

1975Hans MesWerkplaats Bakkeveen, Bakkeveen, Holland
1979Minerva Art AcademyGroningen Museum, Groningen, Holland

60 Years Communist Party De Klinker Museum, Winschoten, Holland

Minerva Art AcademySinger Museum, Laren, Holland
1980Hans MesWiek XX Gallery, Groningen, Holland

Groningen Monumental Art IRosarium and Museum De Klinker, Winschoten, Holland

Groningen ArtistsGazendam Gallery, Groningen, Holland
1980Hans MesVeenlust Museum, Veendam, Holland
1982Hans MesHPart Architects, Assen, Holland

Groningen Monumental Art IIDe Klinker Museum, Winschoten, Holland
1982Hans MesIna Broerse Gallery, Laren, Holland
1983Empty City SpacesDe Faun Museum, Groningen Holland
19841984 – Orwell’s childrenOosterpoort Museum, Groningen, Holland
1987Commissioned ArtOosterpoort Museum, Groningen, Holland
2001Outward with an InsightFreemasons Lodge, Groningen, Holland
2008WeightlessnessNanjing Museum, Nanjing, China
2011Drug ArtDrug Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China
2012Sculptors of GroningenHortus, Haren, Holland

Creative DiagnosisHuang Yao Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Opening ExhibitionShang Shan Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China
2014The Body of SoulYuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
2016Hans Mes DR8888 Museum, Drachten, Holland
2017 Das Experiment Old School, Amsterdam, Holland
2018 Living Life Blue Sky, Nanjing, China
2019Hans Mes SculpturesAnart Space Gallery, M50 Zone, Shanghai, China


2013Candidate AwardNanjing Youth Olypmpic Games International Sculpture Competition