2,45 METER



Their inspiring stature

Skinny, moving through subterranean passages

With the scent of darkness

Breathe the mystery of their being

To study and collect them

Creates and fascinating image

Hans Mes – 2021


The Pnume is a work of art in which the inspiration from the book Tschai by Jack Vance forms the starting point for an unfathomable human-like being. This does not reflect what the writer sketched, but rather an idiosyncratic reflection of the character of these science fiction creatures.

In terms of execution, the design is based on a three-dimensional spatial sketch of lines, surfaces, openings and structures.

By first cutting and welding the steel into a palette of these elements, a work of art is gradually created that reflects the shape as it is also expressed in the sketch design.

The base plate with mounting hardware that is about 15 cm. buried underground provides an invisible foundation and anchoring.

To protect the sculpture and the underground base against corrosion for at least 25 years, the whole is hot dip galvanized and then provided with a duplex coating that matches the shades of the design.