A WORLD WITHhans mes

In 2010 Hans Mes made his first large sculpture in Turkey. “Cooperation between the German and Turkish culture to reach the highest quality” was the initial theme for this new 11 meter high artwork. Several big parts were stored at the old plant of Oschatz near Istanbul. As soon as the construction of the new Oschatz Energy and Environment production plant close to the shore of Izmit was finished, the huge artwork has been transported, assembled and presented at the opening ceremony the next year. Click this link to watch the documentary movie: http://hansmes.com/video


The Making of The design –Title: “Gelenk”- shows two musical instruments, a Turkish “baglama” and a violin, which symbolize the sound teamwork between Eastern and Western culture. As a kind of technical backbone two twinge keys are holding a nut. They represent the effectiveness and precise communication to achieve a reliable product. The Oschatz logo at the base stands for initiating communication. That interaction, just like music but also accurate from high level craftsmanship, leads to the excellent products from Turkish soil, made visible by the star and moon in the top of the sculpture. Close to the sea, in the vicinity of Istanbul, the city where East meets West, this sculpture will stand for the best blend of both cultures. The performance of excellent Turkish workers will finally provide powerful top-tech solutions for customers worldwide.